SSRS Migration

SSRS Migration


SQL Server Reporting Services Migration Tested from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2016 steps are noted in the below. This will make the content of the SSRS to move to another server easily.

Below web-link information is the best for migrating the SSRS and further migration options are also noted for the user benefit.


The below URL has the download link for ssrs_migration.rss scripts

Please keep the ssrs_migration.rss file in the folder and then go to command prompt and change the directory through command prompt where the ssrs_migration.rss script exists and then run the below to achieve your migration. Please note that you need to replace the source and target based on your requirement.

rs.exe -i ssrs_migration.rss -e Mgmt2010 -s http://sourceservername/Reportserver_sourceSSRSfoldername -v f="/" -v ts="http://destinationservername/reportserver_sharedt" -v tf="TargetSSRSFolderName" -t

The above will suffice to copy the SSRS contents from one server to another server.

There is a another method, recently used when there is no connection between source and target SSRS Server. I have achieved to download all the .RDL files from SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services to SQL Server 2016 SSRS.

Step I:

Please keep the rss file in the folder. The filename like DownloadRDL.rss

Sub Main()
	Dim items As CatalogItem()= rs.ListChildren("/",true)

For Each item As CatalogItem in items 
	If item.Type=ItemTypeEnum.Folder Then
	Else If item.Type = ItemTypeEnum.Report Then
	End If
End Sub

Sub CreateDirectory(path As String)
	path = GetLocalPath(path)
End Sub

Sub SaveReport(reportName As String)
	Dim reportDefinition As Byte()
	Dim document As New System.Xml.XmlDocument()

	reportDefinition = rs.GetReportDefinition(reportName)
	Dim Stream As New MemoryStream(reportDefinition)

End Sub

Function GetLocalPath(rsPath As String) As String
	Return rootPath + rsPath.Replace("/","\")
End Function

2. Step II

Prepare the below file as batch file or you can run through command prompt

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools>rs.exe" -i C:\SSRSMigration\DownloadRDL.rss -s http://sourceserver/reportserver -v rootpath="C:\SSRSMigration\RDL_Files\"

Once you executed, all the RDL files from the source server (http://sourceserver/reportserver) will be delivered to the C:\SSRSMigration\RDL_Files\ folder.



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