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Unlike many application layer migrations where moving from one platform to another can be relatively painless, database migrations are often highly complicated presenting many challenges. We are experts in this field and can deliver database migration for businesses in the most efficient and expedient ways and handle situations such as deprecated features and differences in source and target OS/Database platforms.

We will help you take full advantage of any new features which become available through migration and/or upgrade and we ‎have performed many zero downtime database migrations with a proven track record working with enterprise business critical and mission critical ‎databases.

Every migration presents unique challenges and as specialists in this area we ensure that we always deliver the most efficient and effective migration strategy tailored to your specific requirements ensuring an expedient and error-free transition with maximum uptime and minimum disruption.

IntelliDB Database Migration

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We are the experts and the UK’s most talented database professionals providing services across a range of database technologies


Application Managed Services

We propose to leave managing your IT activities such as Deploy, manage, monitor ‎effectively to our Team.‎ Our following Services would allow you to focus more on your business ‎optimization and innovation as you spend less time managing the IT.‎..

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Database Consultancy

IntelliDB started-out as a Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database support and consultancy outfit. Our team of highly skilled database consultants were concerned solely with high availability…


Disaster Recovery Solution

Database failures and outages are events that usually cause serious disruption to a business and can in the worst cases result in data loss or irreparable reputational damage…


Infrastructure Managed Services

IntelliDB offers an Infrastructure Managed Service where we maintain and enhance your IT ‎environment such as cloud based infrastructures – including data ‎centres, public…


Managed Cloud Solutions

Many organisations have already made the transition from traditional in house on-premise arrangements or physical data centres to cloud based infrastructure to reduce costs and provide greater flexibility…


Managed On-prem Solutions

The more traditional on-premise (or “on-prem”) environments are still viable and preferred options for many organisations as there are circumstances in which they provide some specific advantages over cloud based offerings…


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IntelliDB – established in the year 2012 based in the heart of ‎London – is a pioneer and leading provider of database managed ‎services (cloud & on-premises) including Database ‎Migration, Administration, Proactive Monitoring, Design and ‎Development Solutions etc.

We provide services to many sectors such as Health Care, Government ‎Organisations, Oil and Gas Industries, Broadcasting, Audit, Tax and ‎Advisory, Automation IT Management Services, Marketing, Telecommunications and Financial Services.

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