To strengthen the value of the KPMG’s in-house support to make the services available up all the time.

Client and Project Details

KPMG in the UK is a leading provider of professional services including audit, tax and advisory. As part of KPMG Europe LLP, they are part of the largest integrated accounting firm in Europe. The main projects which Intellidb have worked for Royal Bank of Scotland including PPI, IRD, FATCA, M & IB and NRAM – Northern Rock (Asset Management).


  • IntelliDB were chosen not only to improve the performance of the system, but to also provide continuous managed services so that KPMG were able to access the expertise of Database Consultant, without having to commit to employing them on a full time basis.


  • The initial objective for IntelliDB was to ensure that the application and database performance for PPI project to be well optimised. After the successful achievement, intelliDB continues to manage the entire database continuously till the project completion.
  • The server has been prepared from scratch to live environment based on Best Practices and necessary backup and recovery solutions were implemented. IntelliDB were guaranteed access to our certified consultant who offered proactive, automated monitoring and alerting. Customisation support service, providing access to developers and functional consultants, on-demand.


  • Performance of the database improved 100% and as a result, the dashboard for each customer service is within one second
  • Customer Service efficiently managed their clients without down time
  • Application Down Time almost null except few upgrade maintenance schedule
  • Many other projects handled as per the suggestions provided by IntelliDB consultant to avoid future issues.

Customer Benefits

We automated much of the back end issues to rectify on its own and that has enabled to achieve a 40% reduction in staffing overhead

Performance of the system

IntelliDB has restructured the poorly performed design and achieved 100% results  as a result of that.

About Us

IntelliDB – established in the year 2012 based in the heart of ‎London – is a pioneer and leading provider of database managed ‎services (cloud & on-premises) including Database ‎Migration, Administration, Proactive Monitoring, Design and ‎Development Solutions etc.

We provide services to many sectors such as Health Care, Government ‎Organisations, Oil and Gas Industries, Broadcasting, Audit, Tax and ‎Advisory, Automation IT Management Services, Marketing, Telecommunications and Financial Services.

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