To strengthen the value of the IPSOFT’s in-house support to automate and make the services available up all the time.

Client and Project Details

IPSoft is a global autonomic services provider, delivering Managed Services, Platform-as-a-Service, Automation-as-a-Service and Autonomic Cloud Orchestration. The company’s mission is to power the world with expert systems.

Provide full administration support to Government Sectors Database servers including SQL Server (Windows) and Oracle (Red hat & Scientific Linux / Solaris)


  • IPsoft requires the database specialists primarily to support their customer environments. Also to develop the automation wherever necessary.


  • Developed and migrated SQL Knowledgebase Reports using complex procedure for their public sector clients
  • Managed Performance Metrics data using HBase NoSQL Database. Developed Apache Hive query and API.
  • Implemented the system from scratch for database platform like MYSQL, MS SQL etc


  • Delivered the projects based on the client requirements on time.
  • As a result of the reputation in our work, IPsoft used our services to few other public sectors
  • Customer Service efficiently managed their clients without down time
  • Provided the training to in-house employees for their ad-hoc reporting requirements

Customer Benefits

We automated almost all the manual work and that has enabled to achieve a 60% reduction in staffing overhead. Also we developed an automated solution to find the distance between one of the prestigious automotive industry dealer and customer residence.

Performance of the system

IntelliDB has restructured the poorly performance system by redesigning few elements. As a result, customer achieved 100% satisfaction.

About Us

IntelliDB – established in the year 2012 based in the heart of ‎London – is a pioneer and leading provider of database managed ‎services (cloud & on-premises) including Database ‎Migration, Administration, Proactive Monitoring, Design and ‎Development Solutions etc.

We provide services to many sectors such as Health Care, Government ‎Organisations, Oil and Gas Industries, Broadcasting, Audit, Tax and ‎Advisory, Automation IT Management Services, Marketing, Telecommunications and Financial Services.

Reach Us

E : info@intellidb.co.uk

T : +44(0)2036379142


20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU
United Kingdom